As musicians, we often ask ourselves : what is music ? What is the nature of its existence ? How can we best honour it ? How can we best teach it ?

Our culture approaches music through solfège – so through reading and observing – and this form of learning places mental effort in the centre of musical activity, whereas in most cultures, transmission is mostly oral. Observing various musical cultures, I realized that it was possible to have a more balanced approach between the elements composing music.

To classify these key components I referred to the old Yogic texts that present human beingsas a combination of five layers : the material body, the energetic body, the emotional body, the mind and finally the conscience, or deepest being.

In my view, we can find these five dimensions of our humanity in music in the following forms :

For music as for the human being, the concept of these five dimensions is represented as five circles fitting into each other. The outer circle symbolizes the material body, and as the qualities of vital energy become more and more « subtle », we are getting closer to the point in the centre that represents the conscious principle of existence.

I have therefore taken the liberty of approaching music according to each field of human reality, that is to say according to the physical, energetic, emotional, mental and conscious dimensions.