Mineral, vegetal or animal origin of the material of which the instruments are made.

Sound has no body but the music instrument always has one. Becoming aware of the nature of the materials we use to produce and make a sound vibrate is therefore an interesting way to establish the link between energy and music. On the basis of the different forms of shamanism we can find in various cultures, one can distinguish families of materials according to their nature and their order of appearance in the history of the Earth : first the mineral, followed by the vegetal and the animal. Logically, each family contains the traces of the previous ones. This is why, generally, shamanism considers that the mineral, the vegetal and the animal can be used to approach the human body but will echo at different levels of its being.

When we consider the sound produced by an instrument, when we listen to it, when we compose or arrange, or when we play an instrument, we can therefore become aware of the type of material(s) that creates each sound ; this opens our mind to a very lively and realistic approach of music as it is its only material dimension.

All the acoustic instruments we know are indeed made of material coming from these different families : mineral, vegetal and animal. Becoming aware of this materiality of the sound can first seem strange or eccentric but it turns out that this brings us back to something really rooted in the very essence of music as well as in the natural and human history.

We can therefore enjoy trying to find the components of each instrument :

This way of approaching music,totally nonexistent in our culture and education, may allow one to approach the sound and the instrument in a different way. A very « essential » and fresh way to feel the spirit of a sound and of the instrument producing it.