The chi is vital energy. This energy is present everywhere in the living world. In the yogic vision of human being, it is the fluid that runs through our physical body so that it brings it to life. Without chi, the body would be dead material.

Similarly, we can imagine that notes are like bubbles. Notes are our raw material and the way of organizing them to create a language is the basis of our education and of our cultural specificities. But inside these bubbles, there is all the energy we put in it : emotion and vital energy and this constitutes a universal dimension of music, way beyond the diversity of the notes’ forms of organization. We can indeed be deeply nourished by a music of which we do not understand the forms, similarly we can be deeply moved by a musician without knowing anything about his culture.

Also, from the musician’s point of view, the will to perceive and to try and generate chi through his music, and to fill in each of his bubbles with some energy that could be perceived by the listener, is an additional dimension. Let us be clear, chi is of course an integral part of any music but what is emphasized here is the will to nourish music with this energy; this will pushes the musician to dovery specific research.From a personal point of view, I am very fond of this form of music creation.

P.S: I have learned the foundations of these chi techniques in VladyStephanovitch chi school. Vlady, musician until he was 60, then created a school that became international and carried out a lot of research about the interactions between chi and sound with the support of Ircam among others. Unfortunately, he is dead now but his teaching is perpetuated by the teachers of his school.