Material form of the sound, energy power of the sound, emotional capacity of music, mental effort to master the notes’ organization, and pure conscience ; all this is included in the notes-bubbles. And that is where, in this set of all human dimensions that fit, music lies. When we start perceiving the subtle nature of each level of our reality – the being, the thought, the emotion, vital energy, corporeality – and that we understand the links between these levels and the way they interrelate, having a « subtle » language calling on all these levels opens a new perspective, and understanding this inevitably has an impact on the way we play.

All these dimensions are of considerable interest for the musician because in purely practical terms, music is still too often taught as something originating only in themind. The choice of the notes and their organization possibilities indeed require a mental effort. The art of improvisation actually pushes this mental effort very far as one needs to learn how to do it instantaneously. But there are many benefits to be derived from investing also the other layers of our self in a global approach of music, equally integrating the dimensions of physical body and material of the instrument we play, the energy body with the chi of which we nourish our music, the emotional body through the emotion we express or try to arouse, and finally the principle of conscience, conscience that we express in our music and that we try to nourish in others through it. Because it is the whole of these components that makes up music; and with all these accumulated aspects we strive to create a sound able to touch the heart, body and soul of people who are listening to us.