Contemporary classical music is constantly seeking to broaden its horizons, jazz in its modern evolution seeks the same openness, and globalization invites all the musical traditions to anchor themselves in their history to continue, to meet for open new lexical fields. Always considering that the music is One, and avoiding since its beginnings to stop at any pre-established border between the genres, Manuel Hermia presents here a project where contemporary music, jazz and world music meet to feed each other.

Starting from Indian ragas and Arab maquams, he theorized a principle called Rajazz allowing him to approach these musical materials from a new and contemporary angle. The Fluid Suites for cello written for Sigrid are the result. Other works for soprano saxophone, tenor flute saxophone, clarinet or solo bansuri, also. Some duo compositions also explore this musical space.

Note also that some works are entirely written, while others are intermixed with improvisations, but these are framed by either the same rules as the rajazz, or by diagrams. The goal here is to give the performer a great deal of freedom, but also to blur the line between writing and improvisation, which feed on the same material.

  • Manuel Hermia - Tenor sax

    Manuel Hermia
    Tenor sax

  • Sigrid Vandenbogaerde Violoncelle

    Sigrid Vandenbogaerde

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